How To Shoot Video With a GoPro – Tips and Tricks

Posted on Saturday, 1st of November


- shoot into the sun

- film for too long in water as the case can heat up and fog (you can get gel inserts to help absorb moisture)

- shoot at too small a setting size (see Video Quality below)


- make sure if shooting in water that the lens is free of moisture.

- use a product like Rain-X on the lens of the housing to prevent water spots

- be creative and try multiple angles! This will give great options when editing, and make your final edited video even more enjoyable to watch


How To Shoot Video With a GoPro - Biking + Cycling

Posted on Saturday, 1st of November

Where Best To Attach Your Camera?

When on the bike you will have multiple options to place the camera: chest, helmet, handlebars, back of the seat - there are endless possibilities.

What works best? From my experience (without using multiple cameras at once) I've found the following setups work well:

a) A camera on the handlebar/helmet will allow you to capture the rider in front. Make sure if it's on you helmet it isn't facing the sky! Bring it forward on the helmet so it is angled down slightly. Remember that anywhere you look the camera will follow.

b) The handlebars offer a more stable solution and you can also get a few extra sneaky angles. If you rotate the camera backwards 90º you can get a shot of yourself and if you put it completely 180º you will get a shot of you knee and anything behind you. These images can be flipped later on in editing.


Video Editing and Video Editing Services

Posted on Tuesday, 25th March

Often people are frustrated when they search for online editing services they become frustrated at the lack of results which meet their needs.

The rise of the Apps

Apps are booming, and the increase in Apps that are available and Apps that people are using and discussing is rising. However there are not all that many video editing available. There are some iPad video editing apps available and few video editing apps available that people can use to do a limited range of video editing, however the detailed nature of video editing has limited the range of apps available. While some programs such as Gopro video editing and Blender video editing are available these are either too complicated and time consuming or require further video editing later.


Video production for companies

Posted on Tuesday, 25th March

I am often asked what is the best video editor or best video editing software. While there is a lot of software available the best video editor for most people will always remain a person.

While there are some good video editing software programs available, these are usually not viable for companies looking to create a nice corporate, or web video. The video editing programs available take time to become familiar with and usually this is not a luxury that companies have.

Furthermore a human with video editing experience can guide clients so that they can achieve the desired effect. Experienced human editors not only can easily create a video, but are able to expertly tweak videos, to include, logos, music or buttons, that companies may need.

Creating a company video can be a huge task for a marketing division, the video needs to be professional and could either be required as a training video, a promotional video, a webinar or a video for the companies website. With so many forums and websites dedicated to videos, one would think that making an online video would be a breeze, but a quick Google video search, reveals that it is a very complicated process with a range of applications, video editing software and freelance videos, for the companies marketing department to choose from.