How does your pricing work?

It starts with a base cost of $199.00 USD which includes up to 5 files (videos, music, graphics, photos) and 5 individual editing instructions, and a final video that is up to 2 minutes long. Plus 1 round of revision. Perfect for a quick edit of a short video.

What if I need to include more files or need more edits, or my final video is longer than 2 minutes?

Just use the drop down menus to add more files or edits in batches of 5 for your job. Your job cost will automatically update. Or, if your final video is longer than 2 minutes, you automatically receive an additional 5 files + 5 edits with each additional 2 minutes of final video length. So, if your final video is 3 minutes 45s, your job cost increases to $298.00 USD, but you also receive an additional 5 files and 5 edit instructions.

I’m not sure how many editing instructions or files I need for my job – what do I do?

No problem. Just start with the included base of up to 5 files and 5 edits, and if you need more, you can add them as you go. The cost of your job will automatically increase as you use up your initial allocation of 5 files and 5 edits and need another batch.

What if I need to make additional changes to the instructions or add files for my video editing job?

If it’s within 30 minutes of having submitted your job, you can change your job details or add files. If you add files or edits within the amounts you have already purchased, there is no charge.

What if I need to make further changes after you have started, or finished, editing it?

Fill in a new job form just like you did originally. Add in your instructions and/or upload any new files you want included, and let us know you want these added to your original job title and number. The pricing structure will be the same – the initial $199.00 USD includes 5 files and 5 editing instructions.

Can I get a quote for a specific job?

Absolutely. Email through the details to and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

I just want a whole bunch of video files collated – do you do this?

Absolutely. We have a bulk compilation service where you pay based on the final combined length of your video – from a few minutes up to 4 hours and beyond. Just upload your videos, give us some instructions, and we will get on with it.

When will my edited video be ready?

Our base turnaround time is 5 days and this is what is included in your starting price. If you need it done faster, no just drop down the menu and reduce the deadline by a day at a time all the way to Same Day, which will be back to you within 24 hours. You will see your job price increase with each faster day you need your job finished.

I need my video to be in the right format to be played on our website and also YouTube. Can you sort that?

Yes. Just select “website” or “youtube” on your Job Details and we will get it to you in exactly the format you need. If you want any variation or special format, just let us know and we will deliver your edited video to the exact specs you require.

I have some video but I need to change formats. Can you sort that?

Absolutely. Email with your request and we will get back to you with a price to do your job. Fast.

How can I speak with someone specifically about my editing job?

Send us an email to and we will get back to you.

How long will the uploading of my videos and other files take?

That will depend on your internet connection. Once we receive your files, we can begin editing your job. Then once we let you know your edited video is ready, it’s again up to your internet connection as to how long it takes you to download it. (Your final edited video will will be a much smaller file to download than the raw files you uploaded to us).

Can I see my edited video before downloading it?

Yes. You can view it on our website’s power player without having to download it. And if you would like others to view it, simply add their email address into the “Add Collaborators” box and they will immediately be sent a link to view your video. When we’ve finished editing your job, we will send you email confirmation and a private link to view the final video on If you would like any further revisions, click on the Notes link. If you are happy with your video, you can Download or else Send To Someone Else in one click, and they will get a prompt to download your edited video.

Is there a limit on how many videos I can upload as part of my job?

No. You can keep on purchasing batches of 5 files and 5 edits.

How many files can I upload at the same time?

Up to 4 files will upload simultaneously – you can select more to add and they will wait in our upload queue on screen until the initial 4 have finished uploading.

Is there a limit on how much total video I can upload as part of my job?

Not in total – the size of individual files is only capped at a massive 120GB each!!

Can I get multiple users to contribute files my project?

Absolutely. After you create your WeEditFast Job, a unique URL for that job will be generated. You can then copy and paste this link and send to whoever you would like to contribute files. As project organiser, you remain the only one who can see all files contributed, and you are in total control of the creative decisions and editing instructions.

Why didn’t I receive any notification that my edited video was ready?

Check your spam folder. Alternatively, sign into your WeEditFast account and check the job status. If it’s ready, you will be able to view the finished video using our player ahead of downloading it.