Case Studies

Case Study 1 - Today’s Golfer

Video Style: Tutorial /Instructional + Product Test (golf club)

Client Brief: Edit together raw footage to our instructions plus add our graphic at start + finish

Turnaround Time: 5 days

Final Edited Video:

Case Study 2 - Torrens University

Video Style: Wrap of conference highlights from World Business Forum

Client Brief: Various pieces of footage from a two-day forum to edit together into a show reel to our instructions. Please use our logo and preferred fonts for text. Select uptempo, vibrant backing track for us.

Turnaround time: 5 days

Final Edited Video: Link

Case Study 3 - Women’s Weekly

Video Style: Q&A interview filmed by the journalist with fixed camera

Client Brief: We have 10 minutes of a interview and need it edited to a maximum 2 minutes and delivered to our deadline in 48 hours

Turnaround Time: 48 hours

Final Edited Video: Link

Case Study 4 - Cancer Australia

Video Style: Produce individual videos from a conference with multiple speakers + presenters

Client Brief: We would like 23 separate videos - one for each speaker - from our bulk raw footage of our two-day forum. We also have separate PowerPoint slides which we will upload for you to use when editing. Can you use around half of the slides of each presenter and edit them into the right point in each presentation. Finally, can you make a highlights reel including a sentence or two from each speaker which we will identify for you (but please feel free to add in any other forum material which you think would work well). We will also provide some additional photos to also include in the edit. And can you select some music to go with it.

Turnaround Time: 14 days

Final Edited Video:

Case Study 5 - 4x4 Magazine

Video Style: Product review (car)

Client Brief: I have multiple video files filmed from a combination of 3 GoPros and I digital camera + separate audio tracks to be combined to tell this car review to my instructions.

Turnaround Time: 5 Days

Final Edited Video: Link

Film Yourself Using iPhone

Clients who filmed their own raw footage using their smart phone and separate microphone

Case Study 6 - Rate City

Video Style: Question & Answer, two people to camera

Client Brief: Edit our monthly commentary on interest rate announcements to our instructions, both video and audio versions for media broadcast, and for our website

Turnaround Time: 72 hours

Final Edited Video:

Case Study 7 - Livewire

Video Style: Panel discussion, 3 people to camera

Client Brief: edit to our instructions plus put titles and graphics on our 3-person regular share market discussion series. Store our graphics for regular use.

Turnaround Time: 24 hours

Final Edited Video:

Some other styles of editing jobs

i. Cosmetic industry: asked us to change the voiceover of an existing TV commercial, with another one supplied.

ii. Car maker - cut up our raw tutorial video content into a series of individual videos on how to use the functions of our new vehicles

iii. Retail: update existing brand TVC with changes to annotated text for new retail offering